Well that didn’t happen did it?

So it’s nearly August and I’ve still done almost nothing at all in any of the “Great Projects” – the music is drowned out by the vacuum cleaner, I can’t remember the gender of a single German noun (and the prepositions remain a total mystery to me) – anyway it looks as though things are shaking out now so there should be some stories coming along. As has been the theme I’m being called away from indulging my creative muse (sigh) – more later (perhaps)

Actually it’s now October and my commitment to starting off a chronicle remains stuck in tar. However in the meantime I have a f├╝hrerschein and an Aufenthaltstitel so it should be a little easier to come and go in Europe. I’ve still not managed to do any of the mobile phone repairs and the Biochemistry revision remains untouched.

On the positive side I’m playing guitar with a local drummer and the 3D printing has been useful! – all topics I’ll elaborate on if I ever get my backside in gear. I’ve also learned to use 60% enthanoic acid as weedkiller (diluted 1:3) and installed a robot lawnmower so it hasn’t been a total waste of time.

Hopefully more tomorrow.


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